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French Immersion

We are very proud to be offering our grade 4 to 8 French Immersion program!


Our French Immersion program offers a supportive learning environment that helps students to feel confident about learning a new language. Students learn to speak French with their friends and teachers—and have opportunities to develop proficiency in French and English as Canada’s two official languages.


Why enrol your child in French Immersion?

Students enrolled in French Immersion . . .

• Enrich their educational experiences and promote personal growth
• Increase their understanding of other people and other cultures
• Develop their communication and thinking skills
• Gain access to a larger pool of information
• Enhance career opportunities in Canada and the global community


Because you want the world for your child

French Immersion offers students the opportunity to become functionally bilingual in French. The content

is the same as the regular program but the language of instruction is French. The entry point
is at the beginning of September in Grade 4. Students who successfully complete the French Immersion

program to the end of secondary school are eligible to receive the Board French Immersion Certificate.




French Immersion Registration

Information Brochure

Parent Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing French Immersion in Secondary School

Canadian Parents for French - Ontario - Online French Resources
The Ontario Curriculum - French as a Second Language


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